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Kontrollbase gets a new default theme

I couldn’t take staring at the default theme anymore so I enabled the Slate CSS. Unless I get sick of this one, it will be the default from here on out. Maybe I’ll make a theme chooser at some point as well. Here’s a screenshot of the Slate theme enabled.  If you’re inclined to enable this on your older version it’s very simple. There are two files to touch: system/application/views/header.php and header_host.php

Add the following to line 41 on header.php and line 44 on header_host.php
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="$nroot/includes/extjs/resources/css/xtheme-slate.css" />

If your line numbers are different, basically you just want that css file include to be directly below the “ext-all.css” css include file. If you break it then you probably did something wrong. I recommend making a backup of the files before editing just to be sure. Of course you’ll want to make sure that the “includes/extjs/resources/css/xtheme-slate.css” file exists before trying to include it.

Slate theme

Kontrollbase screenshots are posted

It’s taken a while – for no good reason – but the Kontrollbase screenshots are online for viewing pleasure. There are a couple of the overall environment as well as several of the host-specific pages. Check them out here:

Kontrollbase gets Memcache support

After working with Memcache on another application I figured that Kontrollbase could benefit from it as well. Expect in the next release (coming this week), easily configurable support for memcache. This makes use of the memcache library for CodeIgniter talked about here:

In the config.php file you just enable it and set the proper connection parameters.

$config['memcache_enabled'] = TRUE;
$config['memcache_ip'] = '';
$config['memcache_port'] = '11211';

In the main controller I added the following code to the index and host functions.

// memcache library information
$memcache = $this->config->item('memcache_enabled');
if($memcache == TRUE) {
$memcache_ip = $this->config->item('memcache_ip');
$memcache_port = $this->config->item('memcache_port');
$memcache = $this->cache->useMemcache($memcache_ip, $memcache_port);
if(!$memcache) {
log_message('debug', "Memcache connection failure.");
show_error("Memcache library not enabled correctly.");
else {
log_message('debug', "Memcache enabled!");
else {
log_message('debug', "Memcache not enabled in config.");
//end memcache

And then to load the view into the cache we see this later on…

$this->cache->save('cachedMain',$this->load->view('main/main', $g, TRUE),NULL,3600);

Kontrollbase gets new tabs for server cnf/stats/vars

Added some new code to Kontrollbase to allow you to view the cnf file on each host, as well as all of the global variables and global status information that was collected from the most recent polling period. Here are some screencaps.

cnf file display

global statistics display

global variables display

NPR helps out with Kontrollbase

Shain Miley from NPR has recently become a contributor to the Kontrollbase project. He’s been knocking out some of the bugs in the last release and adding good features as well – socket support for the client, server state checks, and many other nice additions. His code will be included with the next release, but if you’re impatient you can grab the latest release from subversion here:

Kontrollbase 2.0.1 Beta is Available – Download Now!

Today is a big day! The beta code is out and ready for downloading. This release does not have the branding or css changes that will be coming out soon – so for the time being you’ll be looking at the default css styling from the extjs library. Regardless, all of the features are working and the installer will hopefully make your experience painless.

Read about the release here:
Download the release here:
Read the documentation here:

As usual, please let me know your feedback so we can all make this a better product. If you have an issue, please submit a ticket here: ( you will need to register for an account if you want to submit a bug: ). If you don’t want to create an account, just email me directly with the issue.

Kontrollbase and Kontrollsoft have a new website

Please check out the new website for Kontrollbase and Kontrollsoft. You’ll find tons of information about the application, and it will be the site for all news updates on the releases for Kontrollbase. I’ll still be posting here about my coding thoughts and work that I do on the apps, but the formal information will be on the new site. So check it out!

Kontrollbase MySQL Monitoring – pre-beta screencaps

Here are some various screenshots from the pre-beta release of Kontrollbase. Things will change a bit for the actual beta release but these will give you an idea of what is to come. Here we see, in the following order: Overall environment view, Alert Management, Host overview, Host graphs.





FusionCharts and Kontrollbase

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be using FusionCharts for the upcoming release of Kontrollbase. So far there are 54 separate graphs that will be available as default for server monitoring. I’ve finished the code for the master graph page, a whopping total of 188 lines of PHP. Not bad considering how it loads the graphs via an array and abtracted function. Much cleaner that the previous version used in Monolith. No more JPGraphs!

The graphs feature a quick loading animation during the xml processing phase, and then have hover-over transparent data points to keep the page clean of static date points. Here’s an example of the graphs – keep in mind there is no CSS on the page, it’s just a test page for the graphs.