General: new site theme based on Twitter Bootstrap

Just a quick note to say that the site has been updated to a new theme which is based on the super awesome Twitter Bootstrap UI framework. To make life easier, since this site is also using WordPress at the core, I’ve made use of the WordPress Bootstrap plugin which allows for very simple integration. However, that wasn’t enough because the Bootstrap plugin comes with rather basic and boring generic styles; so I added the plugin for Google Font support and then modified the CSS accordingly.

You will also notice that the site is undergoing some reorganization of categories and content tags. This should help clean up search results as well as general information sorting. I’ve removed the sidebar widget for category listings in favor of a top-nav driven menu that utilizes Bootstrap menu elements. The menu is focused on the primary areas of the site’s content: MySQL topics, programming (python, php, javascript,etc), as well as the numerous book reviews, and of course the code repository listings.

To wrap up all of these changes I’ve also featured a number of former projects, primarily python based, which have been imported to their new homes at BitBucket. You can see the various projects listed in the Projects menu at the top-nav bar.

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