MySQL Load Testing Framework – initial release

It seems that everyone loves load testing these days. Problem is that everyone is using their own quick scripts, simple or complex, to drive their tests without the ability for other DBAs to duplicate those tests. Let’s say I write a great test and share my results and graphs on the blog – you want to run the same tests to see how your new DB servers compare in performance: this framework allows you to do that without duplicating any work or writing code. This is a basic release that will get the ball rolling. I’ve included some sample tests in the README file, so give them a try.

This codebase offers a user friendly framework for creating and visualizing MySQL database load test jobs. It is based around Sysbench, which is generally considered the industry standard load test application. The framework allows you to do the following:

    standardize your tests without requiring you to write one-off bash scripts to handle looping and iteration commands.
    graphing output via Highcharts and Sparklines (coming in the next release in a week)
    CSV test result output for easy import to other data visualization systems or import into a SQL database
    customize your iterations via ability to watch an unlimited number of MySQL global status variables
    customize your iterations via ability to alter MySQL global variables between iterations
    run arbitrary SQL commands between each iteration
    allows you to control the caches between iterations
    set custom default values and create configuration templates for easy repeatability and portability of your tests
    extensible code base: written purely in Python 2.6

Download it now:

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