How to: rotate wordpress posts into headline/feature status

If you’re using the new Arthemia theme for WordPress you might notice that there are two areas of the theme that can have articles promoted to; namely Headline and Featured sections. This is controlled by category association. Basically you have a post and if you want it in the Headline area of the theme you attach the category “headline” to it, similarly for the featured section. Now, let’s say you don’t want to manually change this all the time since it can be time consuming to promote posts to those categories if you want rotating content.

Here’s a simple solution. In this bash script I connect to MySQL and remove the current associations from posts and then randomly choose posts to be promoted to the Headline and Featured categories. This can be modified for other ideas you might have involving categories/posts/randomized associations in WordPress.

The queries contain IDs for the Headline and Featured categories. In my installation, which will be different than yours, has the Headline category as ID=’103′ and Featured as ID=’104′ – replace as needed. I’m also doing some matching (see the WHERE sections) so that I don’t promote posts with certain IDs that are specific to the site for this script. You’ll want to customize the queries as needed for your site. You can find the script here:

One thought on “How to: rotate wordpress posts into headline/feature status

  1. Rob says:

    Thanks for the info…that’s really helpful.

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