Event based programming vs threading by Rob von Behren, Jeremy Condit and Eric Brewer

Saw this interesting paper about highly concurrent programming methods and figured the word should be spread! It’s not new material but it’s a good read. See the full article here: http://www.usenix.org/events/hotos03/tech/full_papers/vonbehren/vonbehren_html/

“Highly concurrent applications such as Internet servers and transaction processing databases present a number of challenges to application designers. First, handling large numbers of concurrent tasks requires the use of scalable data structures. Second, these systems typically operate near maximum capacity, which creates resource contention and high sensitivity to scheduling decisions; overload must be handled with care to avoid thrashing. Finally, race conditions and subtle corner cases are common, which makes debugging and code maintenance difficult.

Threaded servers have historically failed to meet these challenges, leading many researchers to conclude that event-based programming is the best (or even only) way to achieve high performance in highly concurrent applications. “

2 thoughts on “Event based programming vs threading by Rob von Behren, Jeremy Condit and Eric Brewer

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