FusionCharts and Kontrollbase

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be using FusionCharts for the upcoming release of Kontrollbase. So far there are 54 separate graphs that will be available as default for server monitoring. I’ve finished the code for the master graph page, a whopping total of 188 lines of PHP. Not bad considering how it loads the graphs via an array and abtracted function. Much cleaner that the previous version used in Monolith. No more JPGraphs!

The graphs feature a quick loading animation during the xml processing phase, and then have hover-over transparent data points to keep the page clean of static date points. Here’s an example of the graphs – keep in mind there is no CSS on the page, it’s just a test page for the graphs.

2 thoughts on “FusionCharts and Kontrollbase

  1. mghong says:


    I wanted to do monthly presentation on my team KPI , is there way to integrate into sharepoint or PowerPoint ?

  2. admin says:

    Well, if you consider that I took a screen shot of my browser and embedded that png file into my blog post, you could do the same thing with powerpoint -> just embed the png file into your slide. As for explicit “export to powerpoint” options, then no I have never seen that as an option anywhere on Fusion Charts.

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