On the reporting engine, and a new name – Kontrollbase

Update for all of those that are following the progress of Monolith. I’ve been busy this week coding the reporting engine – the code that analyses the hundreds of variables that are being collected – and I’m pleased to say that Perl was the correct choice for this application.Installation on the client servers will be a breeze, and relatively few non-standard modules are required for the server application.

I’ve been silently wondering for some time if the reporting engine equations should be part of a pluggable system (stored in the database) or if they should be hard coded. After writing up all of the equations, I’ve come to the conclusion that, for a quicker release, the equations and reporting engine will be hard-coded this time around for the default system alerts. Howeve -> user-defined alerts will be pluggable. Revisions ahead of 2.0 might feature pluggable main equations but I want v2.0 out asap.

Second bit of news on the application is that any users that were requesting a simple web-based install with a single config file have now gotten their wish. It’s a much streamlined process this time around.

And the final news is that I have decided to change the name of Monolith. There’s an app on the MySQL site that is from the Monolith company and it does monitoring along the lines of Zenoss – as in site wide monitoring that isn’t MySQL specific like my software. As such, to keep the projects easier to differentiate – my Monolith app will be released under the name of Kontrollbase. Kontroll is Swedish for control, and seeing as MySQL is originally Swedish and that the app helps you control the performance of MySQL… there it is. So, from now on Monolith will be referred to as Kontrollbase.

Things are looking up for release 2 and it’s coming along with good speed. More later… back to coding.

3 thoughts on “On the reporting engine, and a new name – Kontrollbase

  1. Rince says:

    Are you still looking for testers on Solaris? I can offer tests on an X4100 from SUN with Solaris 10 (MySQL-5.0). So just drop me a mail and tell me what I shall do; these machines have no connection to the internet but that shouldn’t be a problem.


  2. Brian Bell says:

    Sounds great, Matt. Looking forward to seeing Kontrollbase in action.

  3. Essence says:

    At last! Somtiheng clear I can understand. Thanks!

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