Update: OSS MySQL Monitoring Solution

Progress on the Open Source enterprise grade MySQL monitoring system;  the schema for Monolith version 2 has been designed. Due to the many suggestions for features and the interest it has received I’ve put this on the front burner. That said, here is some more info on the next steps I’ll be taking.

  • Monitored servers will use a command line agent (called remotely) to pull information from both MySQL and the OS.
  • Historical information will include all values from global status and global variables, as well as CPU/Memory/IO/Disk usage.
  • Standard graphing functions – the ones in the list from the previous post – will gather information from various view tables that contain historical data that is collected from the agent script. User defined graphing will allow you to look at historical values over time for any of the various global status or global variable settings (integer based ones anyway).
  • The cnf file for each server will be stored in the monitoring database and available for viewing for historical purposes. 

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