Monolith Toolkit – MySQL DBA tools released!

Today I decided to package all of my various scripts together into a useful toolkit. Some are perl, some are shell script. These scripts are, in general, one off scripts that I wrote in order to get things done that weren’t available at the time. Now they’re nicely organized and will receive updates at the google code repo.

So far the toolkit includes the following scripts:

  • mt-backup-parallel -> the parallel backup script I wrote about in my last post
  • mt-check-replication -> script to report on replication status for slave servers
  • mt-check-rhcluster-filesystems -> reports on redhat cluster filesystems (for mysql active/passive clustering)
  • mt-connections-log -> logs connections to mysql to disk, reports on threshold overages
  • mt-flush-tables-sequence -> runs through schema.tables to flush in sequence before global flush
  • mt-rotate-logs -> rotates general and slow query logs on periodic basis

To download go here:

Note: these are not associated (yet) with the main Monolith project that is for monitoring. Although it will be soon :)

One thought on “Monolith Toolkit – MySQL DBA tools released!

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