Monolith – MySQL DBA Console 1.4 Released

Big changes in this release.


  • Talkback report for local script backups to report back to monolith console
  • Status page now summarizes all Codes and failed server connections for past 24 hours
  • Install now has correct data import for user setup and system settings
  • More GRAPHS!
  • Improved logic for analytics and automated tuning recommendations, fixed thread_status bug
  • Change request document generation
  • Full HTML reporting for statistics gathering and tuning report
  • XML API page for custom export of data with all fields available for output
  • Integrates with VisualMining: see api-monitor-visualmining.php file
  • Data table for index+data size reporting of all monitored databases
  • Improved table information gathering via INFORMATION_SCHEMA – no more SHOW commands
  • Remote backup process bugs fixed
  • User access leves for admin/standard users
  • Active/Inactive status now shows next to hostname list on monitor page
  • Summary emails for daily backups, no more single email per server

Get it here:

Any issues or questions feel free to email me: themattreid (at) g m a i l . c o m

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